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Brought to Book: Exploring Informational Books about Books for Children (Erica Hateley)


This paper considers how the book as technology has been presented to young readers in a small selection of informational texts: The Harper Establishment; or, How the Story Books are Made (1855), How Books are Made: A Visit to a Printing and Publishing House (1947), Making This Book (1978), How a Book is Made (1986), I am a Book (2006), and Book (2014). Tracing informational (re)presentations of books over time reveals that works for young people have always registered and responded to contextual shifts in political economy and book history vis-à-vis the status and subjectivity of books, their producers, and their consumers. In an age of digital publishing and electronic texts, the book retains potency as a symbol for desirable models of subjectivity in economies of knowledge production and consumption.

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