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Intermission for interjuli!

After 17 editions, the journal interjuli is at a point of pausing. Too many, very different problems have occurred and could not be solved. For this reason, the edition 17.2 to the Fantastik will not appear, neither the following editions.

interjuli sees itself forced to have a break. The future of the journal is uncertain, but currently we are in the process of clarifying how to proceed.

We thank our authors for their contributions and all readers for their interest and their loyalty.

News will be available here, as soon as possible.



Our Current Issue: Disease and Illness



In children’s literature, disability and illness have long been employed predominantly as metaphors. Where they were depicted at all, disabled and ill characters were mainly described in terms of pity, their difference portrayed as a punishment for a transgression, or euphemistically glossed over altogether. Over the course of the last decade, however, a decided shift in the quantity and quality of children’s books featuring disability and illness has occurred, and an exciting trend seems to be emerging:

The number of disabled and ill characters in children’s literature is increasing and so is their psychological depth. From The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time to The Fault in Our Stars, there are more narratives featuring disability and illness, and those texts tend to be more authentic, varied, and positive about non-normative characters.

In this issue of interjuli,we discuss the negotiation of illness and disability in current children’s literature.



Call for Papers: Children's and Young Adult Literature in the Classroom

interjuli 01/18: Please send your papers dealing with Children's and Young Adult Literature in the Classroom before September 1st 2017. You'll find our full Call for Papers here.



Call for Papers: Fantasy


interjuli 02/17: Please send your papers dealing with fantasy in children's and young adult literature before December 1st 2016. You'll find our full Call for Papers here.


Our next issues will feature the follwing topics:

17/01: Disability and Disease

17/02: Fantasy 

18/01: Chyalit in education

18/02: Queerness

19/01: Non-Fiction

19/02: Outsiders

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