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The Team

Our lives at interjuli represent the bridge between the interest in literary research and the interest in children and young adults themselves: As experts on educational questions and pedagogic companions through youth work and community service, as teachers and parents, but at the same time as scholars of Anglophone, Germanophone and Romance philology, the scientific connection of the two fields mandates our purpose.



Marion Rana (Editor), Ingrid Tomkowiak (Editor)




Mareike Hachemer, Manuela Kalbermatten, Maxi Steinbrück, Peter Rinnerthaler, Lena Hoffmann 


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The Concept

"All great works of literature are children’s literature!" - At interjuli, we do not wish to go quite as far as Jochen Hoerisch. We do, however, believe that the research of children’s and young adults’ literature deserves a greater place in academia. This is why we publish current international and interdisciplinary research of literature for children and young adults. Since June 2012 interjuli has been published in cooperation with the Institute of Popular Culture Studies at the University of Zurich (focus area Media for Children and Young Adults).


The Magazine

interjuli appears biannually in January and in July. Each issue is divided into four main categories.

The papers in the first category pertain to the issue’s focal theme or a related subject. The Studio section is dedicated to the practical aspects of literature for children and young adults; this is where we talk to authors, illustrators, translators and researchers. Articles in the University and School section deal with didactic, pedagogic and academic aspects of children’s and young adults’ literature. In the fourth section, we review primary works relevant to the focal theme as well as secondary works in general.